School Transformation


Wayne B. Jennings
449 Desnoyer Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55104

Over a career spanning five decades, I have started or helped start eight elementary and secondary public schools and one private school: conventional, charter, school within the school, at-risk, performing arts, and experimental. I have worked to improve schools from all levels: teacher, principal, central office, school board, and higher education. Much has been learned from these extraordinary experiences. I have come to believe we must reinvent schooling. I propose school transformation, not just school reform.

The hard-working, dedicated educators in schools are caught up in an outdated system. That system must change. Present efforts at reform resemble tinkering with a stagecoach on a jet runway. Most school research assumes we can improve and perfect the present model of schooling and to a small degree that is true. However, much educational research is of the type that I call wringer washing machine studies—off-base and of little use.

New paradigms about learning, the changed nature of society, reconceptualized goals, technology and perhaps changes in students themselves signify very different agendas for schools. My work to improve schools includes writing many articles and a couple of books with suggestions: Bridging the Learning/Assessment Gap and Inciting Learning. Now, I'm directing my energy to designing transformed educational systems for the 21st century.



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